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Mario Kart Tour – Some easy to Follow Tips and Tricks

Mario Kart is one of the popular games based on racing in the action genre for iOS and Android devices. It is free to play smartphone games with plenty of impressive tweaks and features to impress you toward playing the same. If you are a newbie to Mario Kart Tour and don’t know how to progress at a faster rate, then you can follow Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks which are mentioned below. These are easy to follow tips that you can rely on upon without having a single problem. Let’s have a look –

1. Choosing Character Kart

This game begins from choosing the character kart because it matters a lot to get started. When you unlock and get into this game, you win races and collect plenty of coins with ease. Even, you are able to earn a good number of rubies which will come in handy to progress at a faster rate over the other gamers. This will help you unlock some of the better characters and becoming an advance gamer is easy by following such methods that’s why you can rely on the same.

2. Performing Activities

When you are performing some of the new activities, you are obtaining a pretty good number of coins and rubies with ease. It is important that you keep on doing some of the activities even if they are not required because this will help you obtain a better number of virtual currencies. The chances of unlocking better stuff will get you a better position in this game that’s why you can rely on it without having any kind of issue into the same.

The best part is, you keep earning a higher amount with the activities that you are doing that’s why you can consider it as the better option over the others. You can turn on the manual drift to perform better kinds of drifts and earning more points that’s why you can call it a win-win option to progress with poor activities that are making you score poorly in a race. But, the earned amount will let you keep on getting better. You can try the same at previous levels for sure.

3.  Unlocking New CC

While playing this game and unlocking the new CC option, you should keep on playing the same level until you get the opportunity to try out the new one. Such issues always make gamer stuck into several problems lately. Due to this reason, they should unlock new CC when they are done playing the existing level several times. Such methods will come in handy for sure and you can rely on the same without any issue.


Thus, considering the above-mentioned methods will help you earn coins and rubies. You are able to unlock new CC with ease and keep on getting better at the existing level without having a single issue for sure. Make sure that you don’t spend real money on the in-app purchases of Mario Kart Tour.