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Tips to Progress with ease in Mario Kart Tour

To reach on the next level and become an advanced gamer in Mario Kart tour, considering several numbers of important factors plays a vital role for beginners. Nintendo Co., Ltd. has developed this game for iOS and Android so you can get it for free without having a single issue. In this game, you have to earn Coins and rubies to progress at a faster rate. 

Apart from earning the currencies, you need to learn a couple of tactics to enhance your overall progression in this game. If you are having a hard time progressing then you can focus on the below-mentioned tips which will come in handy and make you an advanced gamer for sure. Let’s have a look at the key tips –

1. Unlocking New Characters

There is no doubt in the fact that new characters are coming with different skills which can take you to a different level in gaming and if you are playing games like Mario kart tour then you need to try hard getting a new character. It will be easy to get some of the best characters by spending a little time getting the same. When you choose a new character, you can check out the specific moves and the advantages of getting the same. This will let you progress with ease.

2. Completing Tours

In each competition, you can find tours to complete and if you spend adequate time then you are able to complete a single tour with the higher score in two weeks. There will be new tours and you are not going to get bored while new tours. The competition will keep on increasing that’s why you can try them out without any kind of issue. Make sure that you spend a little time playing modes that can easily make you one of the advanced gamers. Even, you can earn a higher amount of coins and rubies by using such methods.

3. Spend your Currencies wisely

You know that there are two important currencies in this game and you can earn both of them with ease. If you are willing to earn coins then you can spend a little time on completing tours. You can earn more coins when you unlock different characters and take over the opponent. There are several methods to progress and if you are feeling a hard time then you can go after earning ruby. You will get them on long tours completion and they are easy to prefer also that’s why you can select them without any issue.

4. Don’t Waste Time In Completed Levels

In order to complete the tour in time, you need to learn that, you should focus on completing the level. It might be taking a little time but you can do it without any issue. In case you want to play the complete level then go after the one where you scored very poor and you can enhance your score in such levels with ease.